About Macon Man

Macon Man

Macon Man Comics mission is to promote the city of Macon, Georgia through a comic book.  Our goal is to educate the public about Macon’s arts, culture, and history in an entertaining and unique way.  Macon Man Comics aspires to instill a new energy and pride about Macon to both residents and tourists alike.

During a brainstorming session between publicist Terrell Sandefur and illustrator Craig Hamilton, the idea of creating a Macon Superhero was born. The comic initially began in 2010. Unable to maintain deadlines and creative expectations due to his other obligations, Hamilton left the comic.  In early 2013,  Sandefur realized he needed a new creative team to fulfill his vision.

Terrell Sandefur, who is not the alter ego of anyone in the comic, is the visionary of Macon Man Comics.  Coz Evans is the Illustrator.  Tracey Bloodworth Garner is the educator/technical writer.  John Garner is the project manager/task master.  The  Macon Man Comics team collaborate on all characters and storyline.

Macon Man is a syndicated comic strip set in the real city of Macon, Georgia.

“We’ve created Macon Man as a creative product to promote our city in an inclusive yet creative way” said Terrell Sandefur.

“What happens when a group of Macon teenagers start developing super powers? The mysterious Macon Man appears to mentor them in their new identities as super heroes and in the process, teaches them more about themselves and the city they live in. An even more mysterious villain emerges from the shadows, known only as DK, Macon Man’s nemesis. The four teens, Sherry, Ryan, and twins Jamie and Jana find themselves engaged in intriguing adventures.”

Set in the real city of Macon Georgia, Macon Man explores the current struggles and triumphs of this city as well as it’s fascinating and influential history, all through the experiences of contemporary teen characters. The Macon Man series is designed to entertain, educate, and inspire kids of all ages, from pre-teen to retiree.

All characters copyright and trademarks of Macon Man Comics, Inc. Illustrations by Coz Evan. Story written by Terrell Sandefur, Coz Evan, Tracey Bloodworth Garner and John Garner.